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The below is the Return & Refunds Policy of TOM FM-LTD.


1 - All of the products sold on this website are virtual goods, which require no shipping - the products are automatically issued & delivered to the buyer's provided e-mail address or discord ID after a successful and fully cleared & approved payment.

2 -  In addition to the usual Shopify order emails, you will be sent a personalised e-mail, which contains detailed activation instructions and Discord (IM) server invite, both of which are required to start using the service.

3 - Our services are supplied by market-leading ISP/VPN providers, which ensures high quality and availability. Nevertheless, some sites see VPN/Proxy service as unwanted traffic and actively limit access, which means we cannot guarantee you (customer) being able to access your selected site uninterruptedly, nor offer a refund in that case. 

4 - In case of an accidental/unwanted purchase, we will refund full amount paid, only if the service has not been downloaded/activated or used in any other way.

We might issue a partial refund as a goodwill gesture, however, this is not guaranteed and will be completely at our own discretion. The refund will consist of your initial payment minus cost of data already consumed & initial payment processing fees.

5 - If the customer is unhappy with the service, he/she might contact us via the usual channels to try to resolve. We will aim to fix the issue wherever possible, however, if no solution is found, a partial refund for the unused data might be offered at our own discretion.

6 - We do not issue or offer returns, returns or replacements for digital products, once they have been redeemed or used. Considering the items sold on this website are virtual goods, returns do not apply nor exist.

7 - Our website calculates taxes based on the buyer's location. The purchaser's payment & location meta data is analysed automatically by market-leading anti-fraud tools to identify any fraudulent activity (i.e. tax evasion, unauthorised purchases) and reject said orders. The payment for such fraudulent (incl. tax evasive) orders will be refunded in full minus the initial payment processing fee, with access to services revoked immediately.

We are always open to a dialogue - we look forward to resolving any issues or problems that may arise, however, the buyer accepts the above, and confirms that no not-as received and/or unauthorised transaction claims will be opened. 

By buying and activating this service, the customer confirms that the service/virtual good has been delivered, and is of satisfactory quality.

By completing a purchase on site, you confirm the acceptance of our Refund Policy, as well as our General Terms & Conditions.


If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us via the email address below: