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Our services offer lightning fast Residential & ISP proxies hosted on the most stable, secure and reliable infrastructures.
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UK ISP Proxies


Powered by British Telecom

Delivered the same day

Daily runtime

60-70ms average latency

Located in London, UK

Over 40+ sites supported

Tax included.
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Residential Proxies


Instant delivery

No data expiry

User:Pass authenticated

Highest quality

Managed via Discord bot

Tax included.
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Why Primed Proxies?

After your purchase, you will instantly receive a order confirmation email and delivery instructions on how to activate your data plan via our Discord Bot.

Authentic ISP

Users can benefit from BT Broadband hosted ISP's, the larged broadband provider in the UK.

Low Latency

Our proxies are hosted on bare metal server ensuring the fastest ping speeds and minimal delay, averaging 60-70ms.

Same day delivery

We have a dedicated staff team to ensure your proxies are delivered right after purchase.

Extensive site-list

No need to worry about your proxies not working on certain sites, our proxies support over 40+ different retailers.

Custom Discord Bot

Manage and generate your proxies with our in-house Discord bot allowing you to renew, generate and check expiry times on the go.

We Care

Quality and innovative products, accompanied by excellent customer service, are our companies' core values.